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How to play counter strike 1.6 online with your friends by creating your own server using hamachi

screenshot 1
  • Download hamachi unmanaged version from here. 
  • Install it. Open it. Click on Network>Create a new network(screenshot 1).
  • Enter Network id(Username) and password. Network will be created successfully.
  • Open hlds.exe from the folder where you have installed counter strike, Generally it is c:/programe files/counter strike/hlds.exe . Click on Create server. The server will be successfully created.
  • Now open hamachi then right click and copy ipv4 address.(screenshot 2)
screenshot 2
  •  Now open counter strike game(cstrike.exe) then click on find servers then click on LAN(screenshot 3) . Click on refresh button. You will see your server you made with hlds.exe . Connect it you will be joined.
  • It is very important to turn off your firewall or make an exception to the game because it may not allow your friends to connect with you. Tell your friends about this too.
  • Now tell your friends to install hamachi on their computers and join your Network you just made. Give your Network Id and password to your friends so that they will join your Network. When they are joined Green light will be visible near their computer names.
  • Now Tell them to copy your ipv4 address from hamachi by right click on your name and copy or you can simply give your ip address by chat. When your friends got your  ip address then he should open cs then press ~ key(Below ESC key) then type connect then press enter, he will be connected to your server or he may add ip address to favorites or he may see your server in LAN. Enjoy....
screenshot 3
  • Copy ip address from hamachi only. 
  • Turn Windows and antivirus firewall off or made an exception or allow hl.exe or cstrike.exe when asked by your antivirus firewall or windows firewall.

 If any problem please mention it in comments i will try my best.

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Hacking facebook, gmail, yahoo accounts using Dark Comet RAT

RAT (Remote Assistance Tool) is a software like team viewer which can control remote computers. With the help of this you can control your friends computer and can do many funny things like opening and closing his CD ROM, send him any error messages, play piano on his computer etc. :D . There are many rats software, I will use here Dark Comet RAT.


screenshot 2
  • Download Dark Comet RAT from its official Website
  • Install it. Then open it and click on Dark Comet RAT>client settings>no-ip updater. Our ip address is generally dynamic which means the ip is changed after disconnecting and then connecting to the internet. So we need to make it Static ip(which will not change). We will do this with no-ip. Dont Worry i will tell you step by step.
  • In the no-ip updater click on get a free account(screenshot 1). You will get your No-ip host, username and userpass later after the registration in To register on Go to then Click on No-ip free(screenshot 2). The rest process you know how to register if any problem please mention it in comments.

    screenshot 1

    • After you are registered to Login to Click on Add a Host(screenshot3).

    screenshot 3
    • Now only put your host name eg- yourhostname  and click next. It will be created successfully. Now open no-ip updater(step 2) put No-ip host, Username and Userpass  you just created. Eg- to No-ip host put the host you just created here it is, and put username and userpass of Then click update DNS.
    • Now download no-ip DUC from . Install it . Note that It will ask for your no-ip email and password. Now DUC will run on your computer, you can see the DUC icon in the taskbar. Note that you Don't close DUC.
    • Now open dark comet. Click on Dark comet RAT>server module>minimalist. A new stub window will open.(screenshot 4). Then you put your hostname in IP/DNS, you can also change the stub id icon and keyname as you like.(screenshot 4). Click on normal. 
    screenshot 4
    • Give it name example and save it. The stub will be successfully generated(screenshot 5). The file example.exe is SERVER(screenshot 5). Now Click on DarkComet RAT>listen to new port. Enter the port that you Entered before in the process of making server. Dark Comet will start listening to that port. 
    screenshot 5

    • You and victim must be connected to the internet. Now give this example.exe to anybody whom you wanted to test dark comet and opens example.exe on his computer. Now Dark Comet will alert you that 1 user is online. Now double click on it(screenshot 6). Many fun functions will be there(screenshot 6) and also a keylogger. If you don't know what is a keylogger then refer this article.  Thus any the victim's account can be hacked using Dark Comet RAT. Enjoy...

    screenshot 6
    Note: This is for educational purpose only
    If any problem please mention it in comments.
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    Hacking facebook, gmail, yahoo accounts using ardamax keylogger

    You must have heard about key-loggers. A key-logger records every keystroke that you type through your keyboard. In this article you will learn how to make a remote key-logger. A remote key-logger records keystroke of a remote computer and sends the keystroke to you through email. There are many key-loggers but i will use here ardamax  key-logger.


    1. Download ardamax  key-logger from here. Note your antivirus may alert you since it is a key-logger but don't worry allow it. Extract the 3 files. Now install full_akl.exe. now right click on task bar icon of ardamax  key-logger and click enter registration key. Now register ardamax keylogger, the registration name and password are present in the pass.txt file that you have extracted.
    2. Now again right click on the ardamax key-logger from the task bar then click on Remote Installation. Now follow the screen shots ->
    here append means to join your remote keylogger to any software or image file . This can be useful to fool victim. ;)
    All option should be Check marked. Then click next
    If You want your remote keylogger password protected then click on Enable security and Enter password.
    The self destruct feature will destruct the remote keylogger automatically after specific interval of time if  you will check mark on it. If you dont want your remote keylogger to be self destruct then click next.
    Check mark send logs every option. Select which option suits you best then click next.
    Enter your email in SEND TO then type your email password.
    I advise you to use gmail. If everything goes well then you will get test delivery message in your inbox.
    I am neglecting some previous steps you just click next till you reach here(see screenshot above). Then click next. Turn your antivirus protection off for some time because it will delete the remote keylogger file. 

    The deployment package will create successfully. When you press ok a new window will open with the icon and name of the keylogger that you have given, you can change the name and icon as you like. Now give this   
    install.exe to your friends and their logs will be in your email including username and passwords. But as usual  Antivirus softwares will be the problem. But luckily if the victim does not have Antivirus software installed then he can be hacked easily :)!!!

    note :this is for educational purpose only.

    Any problems please mention in it comments.

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    hacking facebook, gmail, yahoo accounts using Phishing

    1. Go to or any other site you want to make fake page. Right click anywhere then click on view page source. A new window will open containing the page source. Now copy everything from the page source window and paste it in notepad. Now find action= (by pressing CTRL+F then search action=) in the notepad. Remove and write example.php . Save it as example.html. We will upload this  example.html later. It should look like this ->
    2. Now go to and register. Download this file. Extract it. The zip file contains example.php. Upload example.php and example.html(the file we created before see step 1) to your my3gb account. (how to upload => click on control panel>file manager>upload files)
    3. Now your phishing link is ready. Copy the link address of example.html from your my3gb account  by right click on it and copy. Give this link to victim. When vicitm enter his login details, the email and password are stored in text file pass.txt which will be automatically created in your my3gb account. You can view the passwords by opening pass.txt. (See Image)

    To protect yourself from phishing always see the website url.

    NOTE : this is for educational purpose only .

    When victim enters his login details and press login button he can be redirected to another website. So to fool the victim you can redirect him to another website. How?-> upload the .html page to my3gb that you want the victim to redirect to and copy its link from my3gb. Now open example.php and paste the link you have just copied where i have given place. Now this new example.php should be uploaded to my3gb in order to redirect vicitm. 

    Also my3gb suspend account within 2-3 days if they found phishing. So you must complete your phishing within time. If Any problems please mention it in comments ...

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