How to play counter strike using Garena

screenshot 1

update : garena has removed counter strike from its game.
  • Download Garena plus. SEE BELOW FOR DOWNLOADING LINK.
  • Register If you don't have account on garena. Login to garena plus. Click on LAN(screenshot 1). Garena LAN game window will be open.
  • Click on game. Select counter strike 1.6. Click International . Double  Click cs 1.6 indian room 1. You can choose any room you like but some rooms needs higher garena levels. You will Enter the room, if not then you must disable firewall or add garena and garena plus to exception in firewall.
  • Now click on settings(screenshot 2).
screenshot 2
  •  Click on Executable settings then Browse your cstrike.exe where you have installed. Click Apply. Done!. Now click on big Start button then counter strike game will run then click on Find servers>>LAN you will find many servers there.(screenshot 3).

     Just connect to any server you like and play...
    If you want to start your own server then click on Start button in garena then Start a new game. Now give your garena virtual ip to your friends. They must be on Garena and in the same room in which you are. When they type connect <your.garena.virtual.ip> then they will be connected to your server.
      If you have any problem please mention it in comments I will try my best.
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