How to install amxmodx in counter strike 1.6

What you can do with amxmodx ?
  • Install plugins which can give you many new features such as unlimited ammo, bunny hop(continuously jumping without loosing speed), grenade trails and much more...
  • Install mods such as Zombie mod, war-craft, superhero mod etc..
  • kick player, ban player, say messages, speech stuffs etc. 

How to install?
  • Download amxmodx from its official website
  • Extract it then open it click install . You can Install it anywhere.
  • Click on Start>>AMX Mod X>>AMX Mod X. Click Next. Accept the agreement.
  •  Now Select mod Directory. Click next. Under the Custom game addon select counter strike. Now browse to Cstrike folder then click ok. Two bars will race and the setup will be completed :) .Click Finish. That's all.