How to create a counter strike 1.6 server

I know it is very simple task If you and your friends are playing through LAN but what if you don't have LAN or you live at different places. You still can play and it is very simple. Just .Read the Procedure.

  • Goto C:\Program Files\Counter-Strike 1.6  . Then find hlds.exe, make a desktop shortcut for easy access. Open hlds.exe. Then Select game counter strike 1.6.  Select map, players, rcon password(any) then click on start server. Then copy ip address(screenshot 1).
screenshot 1

  • Now open counter strike 1.6 (cstrike.exe) from your desktop or directory then in the console type connect ip.ip.ip.ip:port   then press enter.
example ->  connect        (screenshot 2)
screenshot 2

You will be connected(screenshot 3). If you want to become admin of your server refer this article.

screenshot 3