Google Chrome Browser App Launches On iPad And iPhone

Its been a long time coming and some thought it would never happen, but today Google has announced and demonstrated that it will be releasing a version of its Chrome browser for the iPhone and iPad.

It was thought that Google would never release a version of its Chrome browser on iOS, when the iOS operating system first arrived Apple would not allow third party browsers of any kind to be created.
However that rule has now been banished to history, but the Google Chrome App for iOS faces other challenges asApple will still not allow third party browser apps to be set as the default browser, making itdifficult for Chrome users to fully use the new browser everyday, as their preferred browser over Safari mobile.
The new Google Chrome iOS App should be arriving in the iTunes App Store later today, so check the store to see if they have already arrived.

Google today demonstrated the new Chrome browser working on both and iPhone 4/4S and the new iPad 3, with tab syncing working seamlessly across all devices.