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Hack Windows xp/vista/7 administrator password using pwdump7

right click on the image and click open image in new tab to see it bigger

Hi guys! Today in this article i am gonna show you how to hack Windows xp/vista/7 administrator password using pwdump7 .
I would like to tell you that this method cannot provide you 100% success, but this method is very effective and easy to use and mostly the passwords are cracked . I am here using windows7 . Note that your antivirus will alert you. Ignore it and make an exception to the resident shield of your antivirus. If you do not know how to make exceptions then google it :) .

So lets start. Download pwdump7.  Click links to download . Place it to your desktop including its libeay32.dll file.
Run cmd.exe by clicking on Start and type in the search box "cmd" then press Enter.

Now write
pwdump7 > myfile.txt

This will write the LM or NTLM hashes into the myfile.txt which will be saved on your Desktop. 
Now Download Cain & Abel . Install it, Open it. Click on Cracker>LM&NTLM Hashes.

Now right click anywhere between the screen then select Add to list. Click on Import hashes from a text file. Browse the myfile.txt by clicking "..." button.

Now you will see usernames on your screen. Select the username or all usernames whom you want to crack passwords. Right click>Dictionary attack>NTLM HASHES. Now Add the wordlist.txt from c:/program files/Cain/Wordlists if it is not shown. You can also make you own text file or download huge wordlists from the internet and add it for the cain to crack passwords.

Click Start! and after sometime you might see the cracked passwords. You can make acounts as example and try.

Do note that This is for EDUCATIONAL purpose only.

Also note that if your password is of 8 characters then Go for md5 hashes in Cain, here LM & NTLM hashes will not work.

Thanks for reading!

Any problems? Please mention it in comments .

Eagle Nest II:Revolution v1.06

Epic Raiders v1.0.1

how to record a live cs 1.6 match

Hi guys today i am gonna share with you how to record any offline/online matches with a console command.
It is useful to catch hackers/wallers. So here we go

  • open cs 1.6. 
  • Write in the console -->> record demo
  • press enter. The demo will start reording.
  • To stop demo write in the console ->> stopdemo       
  • then press enter.
  • To view the demo you just recorded, write in the console -->> viewdemo demo
  • you can also write -->>playdemo demo  but the viewdemo command as more options like fast forward, slow, pause etc.

You can also download demo given by others which will be in .dem format. Now to view it you must paste that .dem file in counter strike 1.6/cstrike/  folder. Then you can view it by the commands i mentioned above.

Airtel Useful Codes

This Article we will give you a number of code by which you can
get direct access to any airtel services.
Read full article to get codes.
1) Send MRP FULLTT to 51619 for available full talktime offers…
2) Send MRP TRF to 51619 for available tariff offers…
3) Send MRP SMS to 51619 for available sms packs…
4) Send MRP GPRS to51619 for available gprs packs…
5) Dial *123*11# for checking 3g data balance....
6) Send 3G to 121 for activating 3g or change 3g data plan…
7) Send START to121/1210 to start any service… 
8) IMP Send STOP to 121/1210 to stop any service…
9) Dial *555# for daily and monthly sms packs…
10) Dial *222# for special five offers…
11) Dial *141# for airtel gift service…
12) Dial *325# for facebook font wish service
13) Dial *121# for my airtel my offers
14) Send FUN to 54321 to activate airtel live
(not working on new sims now)…
15) Send LIVE to 52567 for airtel live settings…
16) Dial *123*7# or *123*10# for checking gprs data balance
17) Dial *125*5# for daily sms count…
10) Dial *123# for balance n validity…
19) Dial *567# for mobile office activation n deactivation…
20) Dial 121 to call CC
21) Dial 198 to lodge any type of complaints…
22) Dial 123 for recharging ur account…
23) Dial *566# for musstbuy service…
24) Dial 198p2p1p4p2 for direct call to cc…
25) Call 1909 to activate or deactivate DND service… 
26) Dial *515# for twitter service.