how to record a live cs 1.6 match

Hi guys today i am gonna share with you how to record any offline/online matches with a console command.
It is useful to catch hackers/wallers. So here we go

  • open cs 1.6. 
  • Write in the console -->> record demo
  • press enter. The demo will start reording.
  • To stop demo write in the console ->> stopdemo       
  • then press enter.
  • To view the demo you just recorded, write in the console -->> viewdemo demo
  • you can also write -->>playdemo demo  but the viewdemo command as more options like fast forward, slow, pause etc.

You can also download demo given by others which will be in .dem format. Now to view it you must paste that .dem file in counter strike 1.6/cstrike/  folder. Then you can view it by the commands i mentioned above.