huawei e1550 lost iemi and no signal solution

Huawei idea netsetter e1550 lost iemi or cant catch network after unlocking solution.

Freetrics was the first website to post the unlocking trick for huawei e 1550 idea netsetter with the latest firmware version. the trick contained steps to unlock your e 1550 using the cdma workshop and the downgrader. but for some who were unlucky had problems with the unlocked modems. some e 1550 modems after unlocking could not detect signal or failed to show the iemi showing iemi error. so whats the solution for such stuck modems. here it is.

why doesnt e 1550 connect or show network after unlocking?

The error mainly occurs due to incomplete or erraneous writing of the nv items after downgrading. some people even forget to write the nv file after unlocking. so whats the solution. what if one looses read nv items file. this is the solution for all your questions.
You can write the ncv items again to solve all the above mentioned issues after unlocking th idea netsetter e 1550 modem with latest frimware. if you have lost your nv file you can download it from here and write it again using the cdma workshop.
You can download the nv items for e1550 huawei idea netsetter modem from here