2-3 days ago i recharged my newly purchased docomo sim with 246 rs. smart-life plan. See the table below to know what we get in this plan.

I am discussing what was happen to me. I think this might be happened to other docomo users also so i decided to write this in blog.

ok so according to the plan i got 219 rs.
Now i recharged with rs. 4 i got 1 gb 3g data.
i was feeling happy. Then i recharged again with rs. 4 then i checked my data balance by dialing *111*1# and i shocked to see that now it is only 4 mb! Where does that 1gb(1024 mb) gone?
i was very angry and speak to customer care and lol thing happen to me!
Many customer care don't know about this pack! they forwarded call to their senior customer care. ok i told my problem and came to know that you can do this 4 rs. recharge only at once. IF this was the scheme then they should told at there website!. The new customers don't know about this, they are surely gonna do what i did. Ok may be it was my mistake, i decided to leave this topic and thought to recharge some other 3g packs with the 219 rs. i got.
I did the same, i dialled *141# (dial this number friends) in docomo and seleted option 1 i.e= 3g internet packs.
then i selected option 6 i.e=400 mb and rs.100 @198 rs.
ok i got 400 mb. Now i change my phone's mode to WCDMA ONLY which is 3g mode. i Got the 3g network, but i am not getting registered on it. LOL again big cheating now i can't connect to the internet by using 3g.  I talked to the customer care again LOL thing happened nobody know this 198 rs. 3g pack many customer care don't know about this pack and forward my call to their seniors to talk. I explained that and they again tried to confuse me by saying there is no such packs. LOL we are not blind we can see that it is clearly there when we dial *141# . Oh and also i did'nt get the 100rs. that i should get when i recharged with rs. 198 ! (see it friends by dialing *141# and see 3g internet packs 6th no. option). OK at last one customer care agreed that 198 3g pack is there and i have activated it but didn't get 3g signal. She tried to disconnect me by saying you need to change the settings in your phone, do this settings and restart. But i had faced this before 1 day earlier 1 customer care did the same and make me to believe that i will get 3g signal . I said him the settings you are telling is same and is activated then what will be the result ? nothing? Then that SENIOR CUSTOMER CARE said that 198 3g pack is not a 3g pack that is a 2g pack!!!!!!!!!!! lol again. I asked then why the hell you put that pack under 3g internet packs? I got no answer. I got nothing. simply cheated openly. :)