how to protect your counter strike 1.6 server from getting hacked

These are just tips to Protect your counter strike 1.6 server from getting hacked. I don't guarantee that your server will be 100% secured. I can give you 95 % protection using these tips. If  you want 100% protection then don't buy a computer or if you have sell it or thow away. IF you don't want to throw then don't buy a net connection. If you buyed a net connetion by mistake then don't buy a counter strike 1.6 server. If you buyed a cs 1.6 server then don't use it. Using this you can get 100% protection LOL!. ok let's come to the point. Here are few tips that you can apply...


  • If you are creating dedicated server using hlds . Then keep you rcon password complex i.e. use Uppercase, lowercase + numbers in your rcon password. Rcon stands for Remote control. Now you must have got idea what i am talking about. Never give your rcon password to anyone.
  • If you have made admins on your server using amxmodx , Then take a look at access flags in users.ini . You will understand this point if you know how to become admin. The access flags of other admins like a, k, l must not be given. See your users.ini file and read the acceess flags. i recommend the flags bcdefghijmnopqrstu .
  • Never tell your rcon password openly in chat while playing counter strike. 
  • This is very important. While starting the server using hlds always check mark VAC SECURED.
  • Always use a better anti-virus software and always turns its firewall ON. Allow hlds to use net. Make an exception to Antivirus and Windows firewall if necessary.