Counter Strike 1.6 : How to fly and use your gun as a pogo stick :D

Hi guys today i will tell you how to fly using a plugin -bulletpogo.amxx using amxmodx. Refer my previous articles to know how to install amxmodx or how to use amx plugins .

  • First download this plugin .
  • Paste this plugin to the plugins folder which will be present in addons>amxmodx>plugins. If you can't see this folder you must have not installed amxmodx, then first install amxmodx.
  • Write the plugin name i.e bulletpogo.amxx to the plugins file which will be present in amxmodx/configs/plugins.ini. See  how to use plugins, i had given the link above if you have problem.
  • save it
  • Done!

NOTE  : IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO SAVE PLUGINS.INI FILE having error message received access denied!. Then do this. Right click on plugins.ini file, click on properties.