Tata Docomo Exiting plan!

Tata Docomo, the one of the top
operators in India has today
announced a superb 3G plan to
please existing customers and build
new customers around the India. In
this plan users can avail 1GB data for
a month by recharging for Rs.4.
But this benefit can availed after
fulfilling one condition after
recharging with Rs.246, therefore the
customer will have to buy a recharge
of Rs 4, within 48 hrs of recharging
with Rs 246, and in return they will
enjoy 1 GB 3G data usage valid for 30
The above plan can be useful for
those customers who recharges with
big amounts only and in return the
beneficial 1GB 3G data plan in Rs.4 is
just worth to free.
However, there is another Rs.4 plan
without the Rs.246 recharge. With
this, customers can enjoy 4MB 3G
data for 3 days by recharging for
Rs.4. There is one more plan of Rs.5
as well; in which customers will get
50 MB data for 1 day.
Enjoy !!!