hacking facebook, gmail, yahoo accounts using Phishing

  1. Go to facebook.com or any other site you want to make fake page. Right click anywhere then click on view page source. A new window will open containing the page source. Now copy everything from the page source window and paste it in notepad. Now find action= (by pressing CTRL+F then search action=) in the notepad. Remove https://www.facebook.com/login.php?login_attempt=1 and write example.php . Save it as example.html. We will upload this  example.html later. It should look like this ->
  2. Now go to www.my3gb.com and register. Download this file. Extract it. The zip file contains example.php. Upload example.php and example.html(the file we created before see step 1) to your my3gb account. (how to upload => click on control panel>file manager>upload files)
  3. Now your phishing link is ready. Copy the link address of example.html from your my3gb account  by right click on it and copy. Give this link to victim. When vicitm enter his login details, the email and password are stored in text file pass.txt which will be automatically created in your my3gb account. You can view the passwords by opening pass.txt. (See Image)

To protect yourself from phishing always see the website url.

NOTE : this is for educational purpose only .

When victim enters his login details and press login button he can be redirected to another website. So to fool the victim you can redirect him to another website. How?-> upload the .html page to my3gb that you want the victim to redirect to and copy its link from my3gb. Now open example.php and paste the link you have just copied where i have given place. Now this new example.php should be uploaded to my3gb in order to redirect vicitm. 

Also my3gb suspend account within 2-3 days if they found phishing. So you must complete your phishing within time. If Any problems please mention it in comments ...

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